Our in-house experts and engineers are always ready to assist you with any issues you encounter. They will stand by your side to assess and analyze your problems, offering suggestions and solutions. Whether you need recommendations for the right parts, updates on information, or foresee potential troubles, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us via email, telephone, or fax. We also offer online services in both English and Chinese for your convenience. We are delighted to be of assistance to you.”


If required, our team of experienced technicians can be dispatched to your site for machine installation and testing. We highly recommend this service, particularly for first-time machine installations, as our technicians can efficiently install and adjust the machine to ensure it operates optimally in a short period.You’ll need to provide:Visa, round-trip flight tickets, accommodation, and meals.Technician’s salary for the duration of their stay from departure to return.”

Spare Part Warranty

We offer a warranty on all our spare parts. With nearly all key parts of our products readily available in stock, we ensure swift delivery in urgent cases when you require spare parts. Our original spare parts are the optimal choice for your machine, guaranteeing quality and profitability. Additionally, we recommend purchasing spare parts for 1-2 years’ usage when placing an order for a machine, which helps save costs and reduces delivery time


If you have specific machine requirements not listed on our website, we’re adept at sourcing high-quality machines at competitive prices. Leveraging our strong relationships in Wenzhou and extensive machinery experience, we ensure to meet your specialized needs effectively.

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