Why choose cotton string mops?

Cotton string mops are the traditional choice for cleaning floors. They are made of cotton strands that effectively pick up dirt and dust. String mops are commonly used with cold water and can handle heavy-duty cleaning tasks. They are especially suitable for dealing with organic materials and greasy spills.

String mops are available in two different types: cut-end and looped. The biggest difference between cut end and loop end mop heads is durability. Looped mops have strands that are looped back into the mop head, making them last up to eight times longer than cut-end mops. They can also be laundered, while cut-end mops cannot. Cut end mop heads are less durable than loop end. Cut end mop heads are also less expensive. Loop end mop heads may be more expensive however loop end mop heads can be laundered and reused multiple times. A cut end mop head tend to tangle and fall apart in washing machines.

String mops also offer different options for strand material, including cotton, blend, rayon, and microfiber. Cotton strands have good absorption capabilities but may produce lint and dry slowly. Blend strands offer excellent absorption, as well as good strength and durability. Rayon strands quickly absorb liquids, have low liquid retention, and are ideal for applying disinfectants. They are also mildew-resistant and dry quickly.

String Mop Selection Guide

The SituationThe Reason
Cleaning up spillsBetter liquid absorbency. Blend-strand type mops provide exceptional performance for absorption and durablity.
Cleaning surfaces with heavy or greasy soilsStart with a degreaser and a stiff brush to break up the grease.If rinsing to a floor drain isn’t possible, remove liquid with a wet vacuum or a string mop.
Floor renovation and strippingFloor stripping requires a liberal application of the stripping solution. .

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