Full automatic mop making machine

Machine for making mop heads is an innovative equipment designed to automate the process of assembling mop heads, which are essential cleaning tools for both domestic and commercial use. These machines are tailored for manufacturers, cleaning service providers, and businesses that require mass production of mop heads. They serve the dual purpose of increasing efficiency and ensuring consistency in the quality of the mop heads.


Performance and characteristics :

1.Fully automatic PLC system control

Touch screen display of production data, easy production management control Increased productivity.

2.Quick and easy operation

Replacing traditional handwork, reducing waste of materials, fixing length yards and improving work efficiency.

3.Faster and more efficient,the output per hour is 300,the efficiency is 30% faster than the peers

4.Its tail belt length can be adjusted independently, computer-controlled loop, tail belt stitching.

One-time taping, tail-ring size comparable to hand-made.And it’s a regular size, evenly spun.Tail strap lengths are each individually adjustable!


Main technical parameters :

Model  EY-F08
Capacity 300/h
Power 4000W
Dimension 1900x1900x 1900mm
Weight 800KG



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