Microfiber Mop Refill making machine /mop making machine

Mop making machine  is an innovative equipment designed to the process of assembling mop heads, which are essential cleaning tools for both domestic and commercial use. These machines are tailored for manufacturers, cleaning service providers, and businesses that require mass production of mop heads. They serve the dual purpose of increasing efficiency and ensuring consistency in the quality of the mop heads.


Main Technical Parameters:

Production capacity 3000-4000 (8 hours)
Motor power 3.75KW
Mechanical combination Pneumatic-hydraulic servo mixing device
Air supply volume of the air pump 6 MPa or ≤6 MPa
Operating system Touch screen monito
Hydraulic oil: 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil (one ≤ 130 kg)
Machine weight 550kgs
Machine size 4000*2000*1000mm



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