How to use woven bag printing machine ?

Woven bag printing machine is a machine used to print words and images on woven bags, which belongs to a kind of printing machine. For the printing of text and patterns indicated by various woven bag materials, let’s take a look at how the woven bag printing machine should operate.

Operation method

1. The operator is responsible for supervising the safety of the equipment and crew.

2.Before the operation, the operator must wear the work clothes and work shoes neatly, buckle up the skirt and cuffs, do not easily fall out of the pocket debris, do not wear watches and various accessories.

3.There are transmission parts that touch the safety of the human body on the periphery of the printing machine, and there must be a complete protective cover, and it is forbidden to pull off the protective cover to start the machine.

4. Before starting, the required lubricating oil (grease) should be added to the oil injection point, lubrication point and fuel tank of the machine. Check whether there are sundries on the paper feeding table, whether the glue stick is flat, whether there are other items in the machine

5 Non-crew members shall not start or operate the machine without approval. Assistants and apprentices shall work under the guidance of the leader.

6.Before the machine starts, should check the fuselage parts whether there are debris, must first give the signal (press the safety bell), before and after echo, to determine the safety around the machine before starting.

7. Before the operation of the machine, the first anti-count weeks, and then a few weeks, so as not to damage the drum between debris blanket, printing plate, etc.

8. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the working surface by hand, it is not allowed to repair and wipe the machine, it is not allowed to cross the rotating parts, and it is necessary to keep the machine protection device complete.

9. The crew should strictly observe the position according to the division of labor, always pay attention to the operation of various parts of the machine, and stop the machine immediately if the problem is found.

10. When entering the machine room to check the machine and wipe the oil and clean the sundries, you must cut off the power supply and put down the paper board and the paper board.

11. When putting the middle pedal and adding water, pay attention to personal safety.

12 Wash cots, wash ink, not at the same time, wash blanket and wipe version, you must move.

13 All safety devices are not allowed to be removed.

14. Adjust the appropriate printing pressure to ensure the safe operation of mechanical parts.

15 When cleaning embossing roller ink, do not use ink knife, steel knife and other objects scraping embossing area, the application of solvents and cloth scraping, cleaning work every day.

16.The workplace should be kept clean and unimpeded, the ground, workbench and machine around no debris, maintenance tools, spare parts to be placed in the specified position.

17. Work, no one is allowed to laugh around the machine, play, loud noise.

18. At the end of the work, clean the machine, protect the printing plate, scrub clean blanket, embossing drum and roller, turn off the power, fill in the work log.

19.Maintain and repair the machine regularly, and fill in the maintenance records.

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